U.S. Energetics

U.S. Energetics Incorporated, a corporation organized in Texas, is a full service commercial real estate development and investment firm. Our executives have been developing commercial real estate for over 35 years. During our careers, we have had great success developing core real estate assets including office buildings, medical office buildings, retail centers, and industrial parks. Since 2011, we have focused on developing renewable energy projects, primarily in emerging markets. We intend to become a worldwide leader in this space.

We develop and invest in the following types of projects:

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Executives Executives Executives

Our goals and objectives are as follows:
    •  Play a leading role in our society's transition from fossil fuels to renewable, environmentally friendly,
       cost-effective alternatives
    •  Produce a high return on investment for our shareholders
    •  Invest in cutting-edge renewable energy technologies
    •  Create joint ventures with experienced 3rd parties who can help us achieve our goals
    •  Geographical focus:
          •  United States
          •  Caribbean
          •  South America
          •  Central America

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